Property construction

Beyond the simple maintenance and property management, there is often a need for some improvements and expansion works at your property.

We offer our clients expertise in the construction and design industry, and this means first and foremost more efficiency and beauty. In our team, we have expert developers, planners, construction supervisors, architects and designers. Home renovations give our clients the opportunity to take their house and turn it into a home they’ve always dreamed of – and also increase it’s value.

If you are interested in adding an office or redoing the kitchen, the possibilities are endless. Property owners are renovating because they want their property to look more beautiful and feel more comfortable.

Decorating is the part of a project that people most look forward to. Interior decorators are responsible for designing interior spaces that blend artistic style and functionality with a client’s budget and individual taste. Distanza collaborates with the most famous Croatian designers.

Our work is your property and as a result, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.We can’t walk away from any project until we know that our clients are fully satisfied.

„Dare to dream! …and work with someone with the expertise, insight, and creativity to make those dreams a reality“.