At Distanza, we have a perfect package for every homeowner, from basic package and service to fully custom packages for the most luxurious properties in distant locations. Distanza property package Emerald is perfect for all the apartment owners and is starting only from 120€ per month. Ruby and Diamond,  Distanza property management packages are suitable for the home and villa owners with a lot of extra services, upgraded from Emerald package. These packages are starting at 240€ and offer cleaning and comfort services. For deluxe properties, we offer custom packages and tailor services based on the owner’s needs and the location of the property.

Emerald property management package


Property management package EMERALD is perfect for first-time owners with limited needs and people who have apartments. It starts from 120 € per month.

Ruby property management package Croatia


Our RUBY property management package is a perfect solution for house owners and people visiting mostly in season. The package starts from 240 € per month and offers a lot of customizable extras.

Property management in croatia, Diamond package


Our ultimate property management package – DIAMOND – is reserved for house/villa owners and offers nearly everything a property owner can require. It starts from 360 € per month and covers a variety of services. Fully customizable!

Custom Croatia property management package

Custom Package

Custom package for those looking for ultimate flexibility. Whether you need just one service or a widest selection of property management services, we are here to create the best solution for you. This package can be upgraded with all services at all times.