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Distanza is a brand new way of doing high-quality property management in Croatia. Coming from different backgrounds, the team behind Distanza is coming from the hospitality industry as well as the local construction and development bureau.

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At Distanza, we are specializing in property management at the highest level. Your real estate is in capable hands as we are taking care of all aspects of managing your property in Croatia: from simple maintenance to complex construction projects.

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Our Partners

As locals, we have a network of fantastic partners! Everything from simple daily maintenance to elaborate projects, we have a great team for you. From cleaners, movers, architects and decorators to proper construction!

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What We Do

Property Management service

Property Management

Property management is the core of our business. From caring about your investment to improving and assisting with your property in Croatia!
Mediterranean Villa - facility manitanance Croatia

Facility Maintenance

From basic maintenance to complex construction and expansion works, at Distanza, we have a solution for all your needs.
Construction team in Croatia

Construction Service

Beyond the simple maintenance and property management, there is often a need for some improvements and expansion works at your property.
Legal services in Croatia

Legal Services

With a great team of lawyers and consultants, we can provide all sorts of legal help in the entire country! No matter if you plan to start a company or need a legal advice, we can assist.
Investment advisory service Croatia

Investment Advisory

With our vast network of proven professionals in all aspects of business, from tourism to food industries, feel free to contact us to learn more on possibilities in Croatia!
Travel services Croatia

Travel Services

If you are looking for a relaxing stay beyond your property, our partners can offer everything from chartering a yacht to private travel arrangements in all of Croatia.

Have a Large Project?

Planning a large project? We can help! Contact us with confidence no matter if you are investing in a villa complex or a unique hotel.

Leana Vukić, our manager, gained her business knowledge at the International Hospitality and Tourism Management College.

She has worked with high-level clientele for many years as part of her business management experience.

Leana is a Zadar local, and her commitment to excellence ensures that clients and partners receive first-class service and ongoing support.

You can contact her at

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Real Estate

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