Development service

Croatia is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, charming historical towns, and beautiful natural landscapes. As a result, the construction and development industry in Croatia has seen significant growth in recent years, particularly in the areas of tourism and real estate.

Distanza specializes in the development of high-quality villas, small hotels, and apartments for tourists and private investors. We have a proven track record of successfully completing projects on time and within budget. Here is a selection of luxury apartments and villas restored and built for our partners:

One of our most notable projects is the development of a luxury villa complex on the island of Pag.

The complex features a collection of spacious villas with private pools and stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and Velebit mountain. The project was completed in 2020 and has been a great success, attracting additional private investors trusting our services and expertise.

In addition to their construction projects, Distanza also offers real estate services such as property management and rental management. They have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing their clients with the highest level of service. Anything from architectural solutions, interior design, booking and property management… Distanza has the experience and knowledge!

In general, Distanza is a reputable and reliable construction and development company in Croatia that has made significant investments in the tourism industry. Our focus on quality, attention to detail and knowledge continues to attract a high number of tourists and private investors.