Custom package for those looking for ultimate flexibility. Whether you need just one service or a widest selection of property management services, we are here to create the best solution for you. This package can be upgraded with all services at all times.

This package is also for owners of several properties and the owners that require possible additional services not necessarily connected to their property like car or yacht maintenance. Don’t hesitate to discuss all possibilities with our agent so we can find the best solution for you!

Small Selection of Services:
  • Luxury Villa Maintenance

  • Meet and Greet Service

  • Car and Yacht maintenance

  • Event Organizing

  • Car Rental Service

  • Fluid Payment System

  • All services and package offer on request

  • Customizable based on the owner’s needs and location of the property

Additional services by categories

Control and property inspection

  • Emergency tour and inspection of the property
  • Property inspection and maintenance at a distance of more than 30km

Cleaning services

  • General cleaning of the property before the arrival of the owner
  • Property cleaning during the owner’s stay


  • Pool maintenance
  • Watering plants and garden
  • Garden maintenance and horticulture

Repairs and construction work

  • Minor repairs
  • Construction adaptations
  • Construction work
  • Video surveillance

Administration services

  • Legal services
  • Accounting services

Comfort and convenience services

  • Grocery delivery
  • Supply of domestic products
  • Airport transfer
  • Chef services
  • Nanny services

Special services

All services not listed above that are required, are available on request