Property Management service

Property Management

Property management is the core of our business. From caring about your investment to improving and assisting with your property in Croatia! We offer several packages all depending on your needs.

Development service


Distanza specializes in the development of high-quality villas, small hotels, and apartments for tourists and private investors.
Construction Service

Construction Service

Beyond the simple maintenance and property management, there is often a need for some improvements and expansion works at your property.

Facility Maintenance in Croatia

Property Maintenance

From basic maintenance to complex construction and expansion works, at Distanza, we have a solution for all your needs.

Booking property in Croatia

Booking Service

COMING UP! If you are ready to make your property work for you and cover the maintenance cost and make revenue, we have some fantastic local solutions for you!

Travel in Croatia

Travel Services

If you are looking for a relaxing stay beyond your property, our partners can offer everything from chartering a yacht to private travel arrangements in all of Croatia.