property management

Our main task is to eliminate our clients’ care about the property and give them back a carefree and pleasant return to their home in Dalmatia Their property will be clean and shiny, there will be groceries in the fridge that they love and cooled champagne.

We are modern property managers and have greater responsibilities than traditional rent collection and bill paying. We now arrange insurance; provide tax information; design and collect renovation bids; develop marketing plans; hire, manage, and motivate staff; coordinate maintenance services; improve landscaping; oversee property security and report income and expenses.

To accomplish all these tasks, Distanza Property Management evaluates and responds to changing market conditions and world events. We are aware of new developments in technology and at the same time maintain the personal and confidential relationship with our clients.

As a professional property management company, we can easily meet the challenges, responsibilities, and specific needs of any real estate investor.

The entire property management service continuum, as we like to call it, includes everything from:

      • getting the vacant units ready to rent
      • marketing the vacant units
      • screening and choosing tenant applicants
      • collecting rents
      • paying bills
      • preparing audit reports and bookkeeping
      • handling maintenance issues and emergencies
      • interfacing with tenants and whatever they need
      • being responsive to owners’ needs
      • managing the group of vendors that are required to work on these properties

As property managers, we are in charge of answering late-night calls and resolving any problem that may occur. If you’re a property owner you may find that your weekends are used up by taking care of your investment properties.

Whether you have just one investment property in Dalmatia that you need to look after or several, the repairs and general maintenance that go into owning them can use up a lot of your free time.

At Distanza Property Management, we’re here to help you get your time back with the complete property management services that you need.