VIP Booking service, Croatia

High luxury accommodation and travel are at the core of the VIP booking services we offer here in Distanza.

If you are ready to make your property work, we have some fantastic local solutions for you!

By hiring Distanza, you get access to our VIP concierge service, which can satisfy all your requests.

      • Listing the property on multiple rental websites (eg: HomeAway, Airbnb, Trip Advisor…) with information such as a headline, description, and pictures of the property and surrounding area.
      • Hiring a professional and reliable cleaning service to clean the property between each stay
      • Hiring a professional photographer
      • Providing guests with a welcome packet, including but not limited to a description of the property and its amenities, details of the surrounding area, local activities and attractions, and menus of recommended local restaurants
      • Providing the property owners with customized monthly reports on topics such as occupancy rate, income, etc…

Distanza VIP booking service has created a new, higher standard that will ensure your property is treated like one of our own.

Pro-active marketing, great care and a full-range of cleaning services ensures that your guest’s stay will be comfortable, restful and unforgettable.